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As a fan of the BBC series 'Life on Mars' I attempted to collect every bit of printed matter I could find. I sadly missed much of the newspaper
coverage but managed to find most of the magazine articles, etc.

I realised it might be fun to share my collection with other fans. This is intended as an archive and as such the images are of a medium size to
allow me to fit plenty more into the gallery. There are more images to come and I am aware of some stuff that I don’t yet have.

All articles/clippings should be approached as possible spoilers if you have not seen the series.

Please comment on the site and tell me about anything you cannot see…if I know about it maybe I can locate it!

Some of the clippings are marked as ‘misc.’ as I do not remember where they came from!

Obviously I do not own any if the images or text - they are the property/copyright of the BBC, Kudos, Visual Imagination, Titan, The Works,
Radio Times, TV Times, Rex, Premiere, The Times, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Express and other named publications.

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